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Un'esperienza lunga tutta una vita.

Quando la conoscenza professionale diretta arriva lontano.

"This was a singing of very high order. As was that of Massimiliano Becco Gagliardo as Figaro; he has worked very hard on his acting, and it works very well, and the voice is spectacular."

John Fort - New York Times

"Sir John Falstaff is often played as an ageing roue, but Massimiliano Becco Gagliardo, young and far from pot-bellied, makes no attempt to mimic age; nevertheless he is such a good-humoured trickster that one cannot help liking him more than his opponents, showing a striking technique and a world class theatrical performance."

Douglas Sealy - The Irish Times

"Massimiliano Becco Gagliardo, joven barìtono de atractivos recursos vocales, es un Michonnet muy compenetrado de la acciòn dramàtica, especialmente en todo lo que afecta a Adriana artisticamente y tecnicamente perfecto."

Francisco Gutièrrez Domìnguez - El Mercurio


“It’s not easy at all to find a master coach who is patient, prepared, deeply experienced, inspiring and professionally effective with students and artists of any level, but Max at MBG Voice is definitely one of them!”

— Skyler Andrews

“At first I was apprehensive about learning my ways with a private coach. But after just 5 minutes of my first meeting, I quickly got over my fears and began to appreciate the first-rate attention and guidance.”

— Amy Smithson

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